Claudio - Biography

Born in 1959 Italian artist Claudio works with acrylique and plaster on canvas to produce large-scale paintings defined by a dream atmosphere.

Exploring representations of chandeliers, lamps, cups and landscape scenes, Claudio plays with composition, utilising a moody colour palette to create a dream dimension to his work. He abandoned his career in business administration to realise his passion for art and to become

a professional artist. Through his paintings, he wants to express his sensitivity towards the real and the profound poetry that can be witnessed in the everyday. Although he often abstracts the subjects that he depicts, what he wants to present to his viewer is his undiluted vision of reality.


Claudio works with canvas made from cotton or burlap and then uses chalk and plaster as the foundation for his compositions, which he usually executes in acrylic, pastels or pencil. In terms of representation, his work has evolved over the years, from still lifes and interiors. Claudio’s more recent work, a collaboration and exclusivity for Robert Deniau art gallery in Mougins south of France, explores international beaches from drone view. His paintings have been shown worldwide, hosting solo shows in Siena, St Tropez, Mougins, Venice, Madrid and Germany.

Byard Art have also exhibited his work at major art fairs in London, and New York.

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