I was born in Latvia.

After spending my childhood in Riga within an Artistic and Creative environment of Post Soviet decadence, I left for Finland in 1992 to study at the University of Art and Design of Helsinki. 5 years later, in 1997, my passion for travel pushed me further: I discovered France and finished there my Master studies of Fashion Design in Paris at IFM (French Fashion Institute). I felt in love with the city, forgot to move on, and finally settled down and founded family. That’s how I still live in France.



We are all looking for the fragile balance of our state of mind called Happiness. There are so many ways to approach it and everyone should find his own. Painting for me is the way to tell the story about how I see the world. Sharing my love of Colors, Light and Beauty.

I travel a lot, and all emotions and experiences becomes my notes, photos and sketches. And once back at home, I paint, getting my inspiration from all these treasures. Mixing the memories with dreams,
But then I need to get back to the beautiful serenity of Asia and colorfull lightness of Mediterranean coasts.
If I like the concreteness of quite Figurative expression, I love the liberty that Abstract art gives us.
When the color and emotion is taking over a detail, we face unlimited richness of our imagination. Only suggest the content...
Abstraction is a beautifull mirror of our subjectivity and barometer of our emotions.
The Pleasure and the Joy that my work brings to people is for me the most important guideline and genuine source of inspiration.

And everybody, depending from his sensibility and the mood of the moment, perceives something unique and different.

a reality with a fiction. I love to paint Urban Landscapes of New York, and Hong Kong…